• Turning Defeats Into Victories: Tarkenton Rallies Entrepreneurs In Latest Book

    (Fran Tarkenton “The Power Of Failure: Succeeding In The Age Of Innovation” (Regnery Publishing, Washington, DC, September, 2013, 232 pgs.) Reviewed by Jack Criss (Originally published in late 2015) Former Minnesota Vikings Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton, based now for many years out of Atlanta, Georgia, has, arguably, become almost as famous as a businessman/advocate as the legendary scrambling field general who played for 18 years in the NFL.


  • Ridgeland Attorney Demonstrates Both Legal, Business Acumen

    Ridgeland resident, attorney and business owner Bobby Gill is a go-getter–not afraid to take action, whether in the courtroom or the boardroom. A tireless defender of clients who need legal help–and not legalese–Mr. Gill has long been known as a leader in the Mississippi law community. Since moving his firm from downtown Jackson to Ridgeland a couple of years ago, Gill has always developed a new name for himself as an entrepreneur.


  • Economic Central Planning, Ignorance, And My Cheeseburger

    Economic Central Planning, Ignorance, And My Cheeseburger by Danny Bedwell Special to   It’s election season once again, and there is no shortage of pandering. And I really wouldn’t mind the pandering for votes too much as long as it stopped after the campaign. But too many times, this pandering for votes results in horrendous policies by the economic illiterate among us.


  • My Close Encounter: One Man's Story

    (In light of recent revelations in The Washington Post about the military and recent UFO sightings we bring you a local story written by a local writer about his own experience many years ago...) My Close Encounter: One Man's Story by Charles Bailey Special to It was during that phase in life when a boy’s bicycle is the center of his universe, which would place me around the age of 11 or 12.